Rough Road is a book about how to be a topnotch software engineer from the ground up. Many books talk about how to program, for a specific programming language, tools, but what about meta-learning (Learning to learn)? How about finding a job? How about what tool to use what language to learn? There are very few books mention things like that, so I want to write a book I wish I had twenty years ago when I started programming.
The Lost Ten Years Of Taiwan Software Industry (In Chinese) is a book I wrote. While hardware industry was booming in Taiwan, software industry was dying. As I observed, software is usually built with pretty out-dated methods in Taiwan, like developing software without version control system was so common even many big companies don't know how to use them nowadays. I pointed out some of those common out-dated approaches people used in Taiwan for software development, and present some modern practices which are widely accepted world-wide people can use to improve their software development process.